10 - 13 March 2022, The NEC Birmingham

Crème Anglaise's Irish Cream (Jill) just won Best of Breed (entry 430 whippets) at Crufts and topped it off with a Group #2 placement. We are so proud of her... and it's such an incredible feeling. An emotional rollercoaster. Hugh big thank you to bitch judge Knut Blutecher for awarding Jill her crowning 3rd CC. To Jill Peak for agreeing on our Jill in the BOB challenge. And to group judge Gavin Robertson for awarding her group 2 in the Hound group.

The fabulous picture to the left and below was made by Grzegorz Gebik and the picture to the fare right by Hannah Wayman.

(Photo by Grzegorz Gebik.)

(Photo by Hannah Wayman.)

bitchCC and bitchRCC (Photo:Grzegorz Gebik.)

Videos Whippet BOB Cruft 2022. Left:  Made by Justin Smithey. Right by Antonio Garcia Bono.

Crème Anglaise's Black 'n Decker "Enzo" was there too and he became 3th out of 16 in yearling dog.
Picture by Grzegorz Gebik.