Litter Dusty and Gus 2023

20 januari 2023

9 january 2023
And the Gusty's have their High Society names 🙂
Crème Anglaise's Lord Bridgerton
Crème Anglaise's Duke of Hastings
Crème Anglaise's Lady Whistledown
Crème Anglaise's Lady Bridgerton
Crème Anglaise's Lady Danbury
Crème Anglaise's Miss Delacroix

3 january 2023
6 little Gusty's, 2 boys and 4 girls have safely arrived at Crème Anglaise's. last night.
DUSTY and GUS did a great job together! Mommy and kids are super relaxed and doing fine!! (testmating)
We´d like to thank Rachel and Jo for letting us have the opportunity to do this combination and also Mel and Di Spavin for accommodating us once again.

To everyone, especially those we haven't spoken yet.. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!