News 2010

28 november 2010
Amsterdam Winnershow
Spinneyhill Holly Berry 2U championsclass, dog with CAC and res. CACIB
English Voise du Haras d'Helios 3U youth.

21 november 2010
see pups and offspring Nicky

16 november 2010
The pups of Spinneyhill Holly Berry and Chrome Fashion du Haras d'Helios are born!
They are 6 bitches and 1 dog (most white one).
For info: kennel du Haras d'Helios.


9 october 2010
Int. show at Zwolle
Judge:  R. Doedijns

English Voice du Haras d'Helios
 1U youthclasse with Youth CAC
This was Logan's 3th youth CAC and he may call himself DUTCH YOUTHCHAMPION !!!!!
Also he was res. best dog with the CAC !!!

Hello World di Mahana
1U open, best bitch, CAC, CACIB and BEST OF THE RACE!!!!

23 september 2010

End november 2010 we expect a litter.
NJK BIS winner  Hello World di Mahana (Nicky) X Ekseption du Haras D'Helios (Bibi)

14 september 2010

We expect a litter:
Summer 2011
Dignity of Victory Eye´s X INT ch, NL ch, CW 2008 Bayard Tomatin

13 july 2010

 On 11 july 2010, at the show in Karjaa (Finland) Spinneyhill Holly Berry (Oliver) won  the CAC.
Judge: Säde Hohteri (Finland).
With this CAC Oliver may cal himself also Finnish champion !!!

28 june 2010

Werelddogshow 2010, Herning (DK, 25 june 2010)
Judge: Per Iversen
Hello World di Mahana 3 U Tussenklasse (13)

Specialzuchtschau gr 10 Hannover (26 juni 2010)
Judge miss. Delabelle (ras) and judge mr. Uwe Fischer (BIS)
Englisch Voice Du Haras D'helios
1U Junior class, Anw.Dt.Jg.Ch VDH, Jg.CAC DWZRV, Junior BOB and JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!!!
    14 june 2010

Venlo (12 june):
Championsclubmatch Dutch Whippetclub.
judges: miss L.Dam-Reijnaert and miss H.T.A van der Lee-Grevelt.

English Voice du Haras d'Helios: 1U juniorclass with youth CAC.
Dignity of Victory Eyes: 2U openclass.
Hello World di Mahana: 1U intermediateclass, res. best bitch and the CAC.

Mating message:
Kennel Nightvision in Finland expects pups out of the combination
Spinnyhill Holly Berry and Nightvision Evil in a Closet.

Oliver 2 june 2010
The pups of Hymy are born on 1 june. The proud father is Spinneyhill Holly Berry (Oliver).
They are 6 dogs and 3 Bitches. For info

Hymy and her pups. 30 may 2010
Järvenpää show at Finland
Spinneyhill Holly Berry: res. CAC.
Judge: Primoz Pee

Whippet Show Belgium
Hannah di Mahana
Speciality best in show.
daugther of Bayard Tomatin and Daydream di Mahana
Owners and breeders: Dominique and Marie Christine Delabelle.

4 april 2010
Two new litters expected from Oliver: Spinneyhill Holly Berry X Pipsqueak Hymyhuuli
and Spinneyhill Holly Berry X Besties Jäätelökesä

26 march 2010
Oliver ( Spinneyhill Holly Berry) also has become a proud father of 6 dogs and 4 bitches
in Finland in the Tiger's Chaos kennel.

Lola has pups !!! 10 dogs and 1 bitch
NJK, Spinneyhill Holley Berry X Dignity of Victory Eye's

21 march 2010
CACIB show at Leiden.
Nicky won the youth CAC, res. best bitch and the full CAC !!! 17 march 2010

Lola, a little more then 1 week to go.

 6 march 2010
CACIB show at Groningen.
Nicky becomes 1U in the youthclass.
Best bitch, best of the race and best of group 10!!!
Also this year was her 3th youth CAC so she may call herself Dutch youthchampion !!!
And today (7 march) best in show.

BOB Groningen (and later BIG and BIS), NJK.kamp.
Hello World di Mahana,  BOS,  Boxing Helena Imentini. 6 february 2010
CACIB show Eindhoven.
Hello World di Mahana 1U in the youthclass with youth CAC.
Judge: Jo Schepers (NL). 23 january 2010
At the end of march, we expect pups of the combination
Spinneyhill Holly Berry and Dignity of Victory Eyes du Haras d´Helio.