News 2011

11 december 2011
International Dogshow at Wijchen (NL)
Crème Anglaise's Syrah: res. CAC.
Crème Anglaise's Rhapsodia: res. CACIB.
Crème Anglaise's J 'aime La Vie: CAC, CACIB ,best of breed and best of the group !!!
Congratulation to her owners! fam. Leaven.

27 november 2011
Winnershow Amsterdam
Judge of the breed: mr. Magnus Hagsted (S)
Judge Best in Show Baby: mrs.Anita Whitmarsh (S)

Suus (Crème Anglaise's Syrah) 1st in junior and Junior Winster 2011
Her Mother Nicky ( Hello World di Mahana ) 1st champion Winster 2011 and best bitch, CAC and CACIB
and............. Youb ( You Tube z Uplnku ) best Baby in the breed and........... BEST BABY IN SHOW!!!!!
we are so proud of our team!!!

Youb at the Winnershow Amsterdam 2011
Pictures made by Ernst von Scheven en Kristy Leest.

6 november 2011
Int. dogshow at Bleiswijk (NL)
judge: mr. Markonen (FIN)
Ch Hello World di Mahana: BOS, CAC and CACIB!!
With two more shows to go she is already sure to be the

24 / 25 september 2011
CACIB show at  Maastricht (NL)
Judge: mr. H v d Berg (NL)
Entry 24 Whippets
Crème Anglaise's Syrah: junior CAC and she is a dutch junior champion now !!
Crème Anglaise's J'aime la Vie: 1exl intermediair
Hello World di Mahana: 1exl championsclass, CAC, CACIB and best of breed !!!, best in group and BIS3

Eurodogshow 2011 at Leeuwarden (NL)

In this way we would like to thank everyone for the lovely and great reactions to the super results of Nicky and little Suus,
all the lovely flowers, gifts and of course all the judges for their explanations and beautiful criticism !

For pictures click here, for a video here

Saturday 03 September 2011

Judge Breed-dogs + BOB : Mr Stefan Stefik (SK)
                 Judge Breed-bitches: Mr. André van den Broek (NL)
                  Judge Group: Mr. Rafael de Santiago (USA)

Crème Anglaise's Syrah: 2U youthclass (6), VICE-EUROPEAN JEUGDWINSTER 2011!!! 
Hello World di Mahana: 1U championsclass (3), CAC, CACIB, Beste Teef, BOB and 3e Best in Group!!!
and of course......

Friday 02 September 2011
 Sighthound Evening Specialty - CAC-show Leeuwarden

Judge Breed-dogs: Mr Magnus Hagstedt (ZWE)
     Judge Breed-bitches: Mr. Jean Jacques Dupas (FRA)
Best in Show judge: Mr. Gerard Jipping                  

Crème Anglaise Blue Imperial: 3U Youthclass (4) 
Spinneyhill Holly Berry: 3U Championsclass (6) 
Hello World di Mahana : 1U Championsclass (3), R-CAC, Reserve bitch
(First was the beautiful bitch Blue Spring Electra - Daniel L'empereur: Congrats Daniel!) 
Crème Anglaise's Syrah: 1U Youthclass (5), Youth-CAC, Best youthdog of the breed, BEST YOUTHDOG IN SHOW!!!

Thursday 01 September 2011
CAC-show Leeuwarden

Judge Breed: Mr Dick McCoy (IER)
Groupsjudge: Mrs Rita Reyniers (BEL)
Best in Show judge: Mrs Carla Molinary (POR)
Crème Anglaise's Syrah: 2U youthclass (4) 
Hello World di Mahana: 1U championsclass (2), CAC, Best Bitch, BOB and BEST IN GROUP!!!

4e Best in Show (Saturday)

31 august 2011
New in our kennel: You Tube z Úplňku, nickname Youb.
We thank Veronica and her family for this beautiful pup.

27 august 2011
CACIB show at Rotterdam
Judge: mr. Yochal Barak (Israël)
Creme Anglaise's Syrah: 1ex junior class and junior CAC
Hello World di Mahana: 1ex champion class, CAC, CACIB and BOS!!!!

23 july 2011
12th  sighthound show with CAC at Sevenum
Judge:  W.Wiersma (NL)
Hello World di Mahana 1U championsclass, best bitch with CAC and best of the race!!
Crème Angalaise's Syrah 1 much promising in the puppyclass, best pup of the race and best pup of the whole show!
We are very proud with these results of our girls.

3 july 2011
CACIB show at Echt (NL)
Judge: J. Coppens
25 Whippets
Crème Anglaise's J'Aime La Vie 1U in the youthclass with youth CAC.
This was her third youth CAC and so Lady is now Dutch Youthchampion,
she has 2 CAC and that on a age of 15 with only 3 shows run.
Fam. Leaven: congratulations with this result!!

NJK. NL kamp, CW2011 Hello World di Mahana won the champions class with one U.
Then she became best bitch and best of the race!!
Later on she won the group and became third Best in Show !!


12 june 2011

CACIB Show Arnhem
Crème Anglaise's J'aime la Vie (owner John Laeven)
Junior CAC, CAC Best Bitch, BOB 6 june 2011
Belgain Whippetclub specialty
judge: mrs Birgit Wamberg (DK, Fairway whippets)
entry 73 whippets
BOSpuppy Creme Anglaise`s Blue Imperial
BOBpuppy Creme Anglaise`s Syrah
CAC bitch ch. Hello World di Mahana
CAC dog and BEST IN SHOW ch. Spinneyhill Holly Berry!!!!


14 mei 2011
CACIB show at Goes (NL)
Judge: miss. A. Bystrup (DK)
Groupjudge: miss. L. Utke Ramsing (DK)

Crème Anglaise's J'Aime La Vie: 1U youthclasse with youth CAC,  owner: J. Leaven
NJK,NL kamp, CW2011 Hello world di Mahana: 1U champions classe, CAC, CACIB, BOB and second in race group 10!

28 march 2011
We had a super day at the Championsclubmatch of the Dutch Whippetclub
hold on march, 27th 2011 at Zutphen
Judges were mr. W.Buitenkamp for the dogs and miss B.Nöding for the bitches.
In the contest were 53 dogs.
NJK, NL champion Spinneyhill Holly Berry won the championsclasse and was RES best dog with full CAC!
NJK Hello World di Mahana (as she was called for the show) won the openclasse, become best bitch with a double CAC, BOB and  won  also the show!!!
This means that NJK, DUTCH CHAMPION and CLUBWINNER 2011 is called Hello World di Mahana !!!!!
Also she is, like Spinneyhill Holly Berry qualified for THE DOG OF THE YEAR SHOW 2011 !!!
We are very proud with these results !!!

Hello World di Mahana (Nicky)

Spinneyhil Holly Berry (Oliver)

6 march 2011

Spinneyhill Holly Berry on the CACIB show at Groningen.
He won a 1U in the championsclass, CAC, CACIB, best of race and best of
racegroup 10 so he became one of the first 10 dogs out of 2400 dogs which were present at the show.