News 2012

december 17 2012
CACIB Show at Wijchen (NL)
You Tube z Úplňku: 1U, CAC, CACIB en BOS
Crème Anglaise's Hello Look at Me: 2U
Hello World di Mahana: 1U, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG en BIS#3
Judges: dhr. J Wauben (race), dhr. R. Doedijns (group), miss. R. Lochs (best in show)

december 16 2012
News from the UK
With an entry of over 160 whippets:
Nicky "Hello World di Mahana" got BOB at the LKA (Ladies Kennel Association) and won her 2nd UK CC!!!!

Meis "Crème Anglaise's Hello Look at Me" was 3rd in Junior Bitch (ca. 15 entries) and with that result she got her Crufts qualification
So proud of both our girls!!! :-), big thank you to judge Jill Peak (UK)

25 november 2012
CACIB show at Amsterdam (NL)
 Winner NJK You Tube z Ûplnku get his titel Junior Winner 2012 and Winner 2012 and was Best Male
We are very proud of our Youb!!


5 november 2012
CACIB show Bleiswijk (NL)
 Judges: mrs Tromp (NL, breed) and mrs Juutelainen (FIN, group)
 You Tube z ûplnku: CAC, CACIB and best male.
Crème Anglaise's Hello Look at Me: CAC, best female, best of breed and BIG3!!
We are so proud of Meis that she was doing so well on her first big show and she is only 10 months old!!!
Pictures made by Jolanda Huisman and Michèle Wybou


28 oktober 2012
CACIB show Leuven (B)
You Tube z Úplnku (Youb): 1U, CAC, CACIB and BOS
Hello World Di Mahana (Nicky): 1U, CAC, CACIB and BOB
Nicky became second in the group.
Thanks to breed and groupjudge Robert Bluemel.

Nicky, BIG2 in the group.

6 october 2012
Dogshow Zwolle (NL)
Judge: M. Sanders (IRL)
 You Tube z Ûplnku (Youb): 1U ,cac, best male
Crème Anglaise's Syrah (Suus): 1U,cac, best bitch and BEST OF BREED!!

30 september 2012
International dogshow at Maastricht (NL)
Judge: W. Wellens (NL)
Crème Anglaise's Syrah: 1U res.CAC, res.CACIB
You Tube z Úplnku: junior CAC, res.CAC

25 august 2012
CACIB show at Rotterdam
Judge: Ann Ingram (irl)
You Tube z Ûplnku: Youth CAC
Crème Anglaise's Syrah: CAC, CACIB and BOS
Crème Anglaise's J'aime la Vie: res.CAC, res.CAC.
This means that Crème Anglaise's J'aime la Vie become Dutch Champion !!!
fam. Laeven congratulations with this result !!!

30 june / 1 july 2012
CACIB show Genk (B)
Spinneyhill Holly Berry: res. CAC and res. CACIB
Hello World Di Mahana: CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG and BIS#6
Nicky became also  international champion !!
Judges: breed mr. B. Scheerens, group miss R. Reyniers, best in show mr. O'Brien (IE)

24 june 2012
CACIB show 2012 at Uden (NL)
Breed and group judge: dhr. G. Jipping (NL).
Best in show judge: dhr. J.C.F. Peddie (Can).
You Tube z Úplnku: 2U juniorclass.
Crème Anglaise's J'Aime La Vie: 2U openclass, res.CAC and res. CACIB.
Crème Anglaise's Syrah 1U openclass, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG and RES BEST IN SHOW!!! (2160 dogs).

Suus at the CACIB show at Uden.
(Left picture made by Kris. The other two are made by Ernst von Scheven, Kynoweb.)

17 june 2012
Today we have been to the youngdog and veteranshow from the Dutch Whippetclub.
judge: G. Decruy (B)
You Tube z Úplnku (Youb) won the class 9-12 months and won best young male in show!!
Crème Anglaise's Hello Look at Me (Meis) won the class 5-7 months and her sisther
Crème Anglaise's Hello I am the one was 3th in the same class.
Dignity of Victory Eyes (Lola) won the class 7-9 years, best veteran bitch and best veteran in show!!!!

11 may 2012
Dortmund National Sieger 2012
Hello world di Mahana wins 1U Championsclasse, the CC (UK).
and daywinner Best In Show on the English Breeds Specialty (40 rassen).
You Tube z'Uplnku wins 1U youthclasse, youth CAC and reserve CC (UK).

Judge: Roger Stock (UK)
Judge English Breeds Specialty: Albert White (UK)

6 may 2012
CACIB show at Roskilde (DK)
Nicky has become:
1U Championsclass, CAC, CACIB, best of the race,
best in the group and res.  best in show !!!

9 april 2012
CACIB show at Leeuwarden
judge dachshunds:  J. Balm
magik Rainbow Mata Hari (Muts) 1 most promising and best pup of the race

judge whippets:  R. Blümel (AT)
Crème Anglaise's Blue Imperial 1U intermediateclass and the res CACIB
Crème Anglaise's Rhapsodia 1U openclass
You Tube z Úplnku (Youb) 1U youthclass, CAC and best Reu
Hello World di Mahana ( Nicky) 1U championsclass, CAC, CACIB, best bitch and best of the race !!

Nicky and Youb

18 march 2012
International doghow at Leiden
Judge: mrs. C v.d.Toorn.
You Tube z Úplnku: BOB puppy and 3#BIS puppy
ch.Spinneyhill Holly Berry: 1U champion class, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Crème Anglaise's Syrah: 1U Intermediate class
Crème Angaise's J'aime La vie: 1U open class CAC, CACIB and BEST OF BREED!

Olly and Lady, resp. BOS and BOB.

5 february 2012
Champions Clubmatch of the Dutch Whippetclub
Judges: mrs. R. Holland (uk) for the dogs, mrs. C.Brown (UK) for the bitches and communal for the best of race.
BEST OF RACE: NJK, NL champion, Finnish champion and CW'2012 Spinneyhill Holly Berry

Judge report:
Very well balanced red fawn dog of correct size with enough substance to be masculin,
and yet in no way overdone. He typefice no exaggerations as for the standard.
Good bite and ears, gracefull neck into well laid shoulder. Clean front and correct filling.
Deep brisket nicely ribbed up exellent topline which he holds on the move.
Nice lenght of loin. Correct constructed hindquarters with low hocks.
Nice spring of pastern. True for and aft. And with eary,effortless, flowing correct movement!
1 exellent, CAC, BOB and CLUBWINNER 2012