News 2015

december 21, 2015
Sophie on his way to BIS#3...
Picture by Ron Baltus

december 19, 2015
Sophie on the last show of this year.
Best of breed and best of group.
We are very proud of this 11 months old lady.

breed judge:  mr B.T Bogren (SE)
group judge: Rony Doedijns

december 13, 2015
Amsterdam Winner Show
We are so happy and proud of our 3 Whippets shown today, taking 3 of the 4 titles!!!
Pan: 1-ex ch class, cac, cacib, bis,Ams Winner'15 and with this result he is now INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION
Bono: 1-ex junior class, Ams Junior Winner'15, Crufts Qualified!!!
Sophie, 1-Ex Junior class, Ams Winner'15, res bitch with full CAC, Junior BOB, Crufts Qualified!!
A big thank you to Italian Judge La Rocca
And congrats to Fabrizio Manni on your well deserved win! She is a lovely bitch.

Sophie... Pictures made by Ron Baltus (Kynoweb)

december 11, 2015
Fab result today at the Holland Cup...
George ( Trimere Total Mahem): Best In Group #2

Breed judge: Jos de Kuijper (BEL)
Group Judge: Wil Horstenbach (NL)

November 20, 2015
Aimee became mother of 5 dogs and 1 bitch...see at puppies!!!

November 8, 2015
International dogshow at Bleiswijk 2015

Now it is a WOW WOW day!!!
Bono just won the group...
Just 9 months and at the end of the day he was BIS#8
It is a wonderful start for his career in the showring.

A wow day!!!
9 months & 2 weeks...
Bono (Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta), wins his first junior CAC and CAC and BOB!!!
In a close finish he beat his daddy Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) who won the Reserve ticket with full cacib!
Proud of both our boys!!

The Group picture from Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta (Bono) at 9 months and two weeks.
At his very first big show he ended up with BOB, BIG and BIS#8!!

October 3, 2015
Today we did not show Pan but...
Lipton (Dare Alla Luce Earl Grey)
Nilsson (Crème Anglaise's Allegro Con Brio)
Both got BOB!!!

Phoebe (Courthill Cacharel)
Reserve Best bitch

Lipton (Dare Alla Luce Earl Grey)

September 27, 2015
This monday our Toby, Crème Anglaise's Manitoba Man, will be starting his big adventure.
He is off to Sandy French, the breeder of his father, in Canada.
We wish them both lots of succes and fun with each other.
Toby is now 11 months old and he will be flying off with 4 titles in his pocket.
* ENCI World Hope 2015
* FCI Junior Euro Sighthound 2015
* Danish Junior Club Winner 2015
* Dutch Junior Champion

September 27, 2015
George (Trimere Total Mahem) has just won GROUP 8
Group Judge: Morag Connolly (IRE)

We just got the news that Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) has won the Eukanuba Award for Group 10
as his competitor is no longer able to surpass him.
Whippets have not been judged yet...

Another piece of good news...
George (Trimere Total Mahem) has just won BOB in English Springers under judge Eva Liljekvist Borg from Sweden.

September 26, 2015
CACIB at Maastricht (NED)
Toby just finnished the last title at the CACIB Maastricht
1-EX Junior Class, Junior CAC, Res Best Male with full CAC

His friend Pan did well too getting
1-EX Champ class, CAC, CACIB & BOS

and big fellow Lipton the greyhound...
1-EX Junior Class, Junior CAC, CAC & BOB
Lipton also finnished his title and is now Dutch Junior Champion too!!!

Whippet Judge: Deborah Grafmann
Greyhound Judge: Rony Doedijns

September 24, 2015
Isa has pups !!!! See at puppies.

September 20, 2015
YOUNG BOB Crème Anglaise's Allegro Con Brio
YOUNG BOS Crème Anglaise's Pantomime

Today at the Dutch Young Dogs and Veterans Show of Group 10....
Another great day and super results:
Nilsson (CA Allegro Con Brio) Young Dogs BOB and BIS#3
Sophie (CA Pantomime) Young Dogs BOS
Toby (CA Manitoba Man) won his class
Pippi (CA Appassionata) won her class
Bono (CA Panna Cotta) 2nd in his class
Lipton (Dare alla Luce Earl Grey) 2nd in his class
Whippet Judge: Nely Bliji Pors
Greyhound Judge: Regina Tromp Pruijn

August 29, 2015
Isa is pregnant. The pups are expected at the end of september.
Dutch Junior Ch, Ams Jun Winner '14,WCD Clubsieger '15
Crème Anglaise's Allegro Con Brio
Dutch & Danish Ch, FCI Euro Sighthound Winner '15
Crème Anglaise's Hello It's Me


August 22 - 23, 2015
Broholm Castle at Gunde(DEN)

Danish Club CAC Show
Pan 1-EX ch class, Dansk Clupvinder 2015 and BOS
Toby 1-EX junior class Junior Dansk Clupvinder 2015
Pippi 4-EX
Isa 4-EX
All our 4 dogs got an excellent with CK on both days
Dog judge: Olaf Knauber (GER)
Bitch judge & BOB: Lynn Watson (AUS)

FCI Euro Sighthound Show at Gunde(DEN)
Bloody hot today in Denmark but what a marvellous day it was at the Euro Sighthound Show at Broholm Castle.

Pan 1-EX Ch class & BOB and a new Danish Champion!!!
and also RES BEST IN SHOW.
Isa 1-EX Ch class & BOS and also a new Danish Champion!!!
Pippi 2-EX in Intermediate class
Toby 1-EX in junior class, and BOS junior.

Big big thank you to today's judges:
Bitches & BOB: Jean Brixhe (BEL)
Males: Knut Blutecher (NOR)

August 1-2, 2015
A bigger version of the photos can be found in the photoalbum.


Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones)

Pan: 2-EX Champion Class
Pippi: 3-EX Intermediate Class
Toby: 4-EX Junior Class
Pink: 1-EX Puppy Class
Lipton: 1-EX Junior Class, Junior CAC

Pan: 1-EX Champion Class, CAC, BOB, Donaueschingen Winner and.... BEST IN SHOW!!!
Pippi: 1-EX Intermediate Class
Toby: unfortunately stung by a wasp... :-(
Pink: 1-EX Puppy Class
Lipton: 2-EX Junior Class

Juli 26, 2015
George (aka Trimere Total Mahem) got 1-EX Junior Class, Junior CAC, CAC, BOB, BIG and BIS #4 !!!
George is now ALSO a Dutch Junior Champion!!!...
Breed Judge: Attila Czeglédi (Hun)
Group judge: Gordon Haran (UK)

In whippets today...
Pan: 1-EX Champion Class, CAC cacib and BOS
Toby: 1-EX Junior Class, Junior CAC
Breed judge Wayne Burton (Aus)

Juli 25, 2015
Pan : 1EX Champion Class, CAC, CACIB & BOB
Toby: 1EX Junior Class, Junior CAC
Pippi: EX4
Panny: 1-VB Baby Class, BOB Baby...and BABY BEST IN SHOW !!!
Panny (Crème Anglaise's Panic Attack) is owned loved and was handled in the breed by Susanna Pfeifer.

But today was a George day...
George: 1EX Jun Class, Jun CAC, CAC, and BOB!!! Also BIG2 and qualified for Dog of the Year show !!!

Whippet Judge: Mrs Nely Bleiji - Pors (NL)
English Springer Judge: Mr. Gordon Haran (UK)
Group 8 Judge: Mr. Colm Beattie (IE)

juli 11, 2015
Emilie (Creme Anglaises's Place Pigalle) was Runner up Best of Breed

july 11, 2015
Dutch Sighthound Specialty, Heteren (NED)
It was a fabulous day again for us at the Dutch Sighthound Specialty in Heteren.
Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) gained his last CAC to become Dutch Champion, he did it in great style winning also BOB and later on going on Best In Show.
We are so very pleased that he gained his title under the renound judge Mrs Editha Newton (UK) from the famous Nevedith kennel.
For the BIS line up the judge was another sighthound specialist Mrs Elizabeth Janzon from Sweden
Our gratitude goes out to both judges for awarding Pan these fabulous wins.
Our other dogs did well to with
Crème Amglaise's Manitoba Man (Toby): Puppy BOB
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie): 2nd in baby girls
and our Phoebe (Courthill Cacharel) finnishing 1-EX in a strong Open Class and getting the Res CAC
A big thank to the organising commitee for organising such a nice and well run event.
Also a big thanks to our neighbours Peter and Marjan Van Eijk for looking after our stay at home dogs!

Picture by Kynoweb.

june 27, 2015
And so our holiday comes to an end...
With a BEST PUPPY IN SHOW for our young boy Crème Anglaise's Manitoba Man at CACIB Genk (BE)
Very proud of our funny Toby

Breed judge: E. Deutscher (Aut)
BIS judge: J. Papp (Hun)

Also Pan did well gaining res cac, and res cacib
and at her last official show
Hello World di Mahana (Nicky) went out of the ring in great style gaining CAC, CACIB and BOS.
This grand lady has given us so much in these past years and now she may retire on our couch.
Thank you for everything Nicky!!!

june 18, 2015
Results from Milan - World Dog Show 2015
Bitches judged by: Hans van den Berg (NL)
Dogs & BOB judged by: Christoph Coppel (FRA)
English Springer Judge: Zena Thorn (UK)

Crème Anglaise's Manitoba Man (Toby) 1-VP Puppy Class, BOS Puppy & WORLD HOPE 2015
Crème Anglaise's Alegro Con Brio (Nilsson) 1-EX Intermediate Class, Res-CAC (Counts as full CAC)
Jesrae Game of Thrones (Pan) 1-EX Champion Class, CACIB, BOB & WORLD CHAMPION 2015
Crème Anglaise's Appassionata (Pippi) 2-EX Intermediate Class
Hello World di Mahana (Nicky) EX Champion Class

Trimere Total Chaos (George) 1-EX Junior Class, Junior BOB & JUNIOR WORLD CHAMPION 2015

Results from Milan - CAC show Raduno
Judge Markku Mähönen (FIN)

Crème Anglaise's Manitoba Man (Toby) 1-VP Puppy Class, BOB Puppy
Jesrae Game of Thrones (Pan) 1-EX Champion Class,
Hello World di Mahana (Nicky) 3-EX

June 6 and june 7, 2015
Results from Possen - Day 1 - CAC show WCD

Crème Anglaise's Manitoba Man (Toby): 1-VP Puppy Class
CA Alegro Con Brio (Nilsson): 1-EX Intermediate Class
Jesrae Game of Thrones: 1-EX Champion Class, Best Male with CAC
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie): 1-VP, Baby Class
Crème Anglaise's Appassionata (Pippi): 1-EX Intermediate Class
Hello World di Mahana: 3-EX Champion Class

Results from Possen - Day 2 - WCD ClubSieger Show

Crème Anglaise's Manitoba Man (Toby) 1-VP Puppy Class
Crème Anglaise's Alegro Con Brio (Nilsson): 1-EX Intermediate Class, Best Male with Double CAC & WCD Clubsieger 2015
Jesrae Game of Thrones: 1-EX Champion Class
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie): 2-VP, Baby Class
Crème Anglaise's Appassionata (Pippi): 1-EX Intermediate Class
Hello World di Mahana: 3-EX Champion Class

May 10, 2015

Jesrae Game of Thrones (Pan)
1-ex Champion Class, CAC, CACIB, Europasieger'15 and BOB
Judge: Unto Timonen (FIN)
71 whippets entered.
Winner of group 10 !!!

with a total entry of 5800 dogs
Jesrae Game of Thrones (Pan) is Res. BIS
So thrilled about this result, thanks to all 3 Judges
Breed: Mr. U. Timonen (FIN) Breedspecialist from Woodbrook's kennel
Group: Mrs G. Schicker (GER)
BIS: Mr. R. Doedijns (NL)
Pan was bred by and is co-owned with Diana Hansen in South Africa.

Trimere Total Mahem (George)
1-ex Junior Class, Junior CAC, Junior BOB, Junior Europasieger'15 and Crufts 2016 Qualification
Judge: Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (DE)
30 English Springers entered.

May 1, 2015
Beringen, Belgium
Today was a lovely day at the Belgian Whippet Clubmatch!
Judge: Felicity Thompson (IER).
Record entry of 104 whippets.
Baby boys (7): 1st Pink, 2nd Bear, 3rd Bono.
Baby girls (9): 1st Sophie and Baby BIS.
Puppy boys (3): 1st Toby and Puppy BIS.
Breeder class bitch (7): 2nd Isa.
Champ class Bitch (4): 2nd Meis, res best bitch with full CAC.
Champ class Dogs (4): 1st Pan, best Male, with CAC.

Michèle Wybou and Bouncing Gems, thanks for the lovely pictures.


Pan, best male with CAC.

Sophie, 1ste and baby BIS

Kris with Pink, 1ste baby boys

Toby, 1ste puppy boys.

The boys...

April 19, 2015
Int. Dogshow Antwerpen (Brabo Show)
Judge: Mr. Brixhe (BEL)
Lipton 1ex junior class, res best male , junior BOB, junior Brabo winner and Crufts qualified!!
Pan 1 ex ch class, CAC, CACIB, brabo winner and BOB!!!! and GROUP#4

Left: BOS ch. La Belle Helena da Roseira Brava
Right: BOB ch. Jesrae Game of Thrones

April 4 and 5, 2015 CACIB show at Goes

saturday april 4, 2015
Judge: dhr. J.Liimatainen (FIN)

Dare Alla Luce Earl Grey (Lipton)
1U youthclass, Junior CAC, CAC and BOS

ch.Jesrae Game of Thrones (Pan)
2U championsclass, res. CAC and res. CACIB

sunday april 5, 2015
Judge: dhr. MCJ van Iersel (NL)

Dare Alla Luce Earl Grey (Lipton)
1U youthclass, Junior CAC, CAC, best of race and

ch. Jesrae Game of Thrones (Pan)
1U championsclasse, CAC, CACIB and best of the race.

The after party....
The boys after a day at the CACIB dogshow Goes.
Toby was not shown he was only as a visitor.

For the results of Crufts 2015, see Crufts2015

Martini Dogshow Benelux, Groningen (NL) february, 28 and march, 1
march 1, 2015



february 28, 2015

NL ch Crème Anglaise's Hello It's Me: res. best bitch.

Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) won "Best In Group".

We will happily drive the 200KM tomorrow again for the BIS line up!
Our hartfelt thanks to todays judges:
Breed Judge: M. Wibier (DE/NL)
Group Judge: S. Frisk (SWE)
Pan is co-owned by us with his breeder: Diana Hansen
Thanks Diana for letting us have soooo much fun with this wonderful boy

february 15, 2015
So okay .. we admit we had too many dogs entered at the Dutch whippet Club Championship Clubmatch.....
but it was heeps of fun and here are the Crème Anglaise results:
C.A. Manitoba Man (Toby) 1VP Baby Class and Best Baby
C.A. Saskatchewanderer (Otis) 3VP Baby Class (co-owned with Liesbeth Lies)
C.A. Allegro Con Brio (Nilsson) 1-EX Junior Class, Junior CAC and Reserve Best Male with Full CAC
Jesrae Game of Thrones (Pan) 1-EX in Champion Class (co-owned with Diana Hansen)
C.A. Plenty o'Toole (Plenty) 1-EX Junior Class, Junior CAC
C.A. Appassionata (Pippi) 3-EX in Breeders Class
C.A. Hello It's Me (Isa) 1-EX in Open Class, Reserve Best Bitch with full CAC and with this result Isa is now a DUTCH CHAMPION
Dogs judged by Bart Scheerens, Bitches judges by Leona Reynaert.

Pictures made by Liesbeth Lies


february 6, 2015
After getting the BOB with our ESS George,
we also got BOB, CAC and CACIB with our South African boy Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones).
Pan went even further and I just heard he has become BIG#1.
What a day for Team Crème Anglaise and Team Jesrae.
Pan is co-owned with Diana Hansen, Mark Anderson and Martin Croeser .

We thank all judges who made this happen.
Whippet Breed Judge: Mrs. H. Assenmacher (GER)
Whippet Group Judge: R. Wagner (LUX)
ESS Breed Judge: mrs D. Desserne (FRA)



january 27, 2015
 The puppies of Meis and Nicky are born. See at puppies.

january 1, 2015