News 2016

december 19, 2016
CACIB Christmas Show KNON
Good news as Toby won the Champion Class and our Dusty (Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust) won the Junior Class and finnished her Junior championship.
Sophie was 3rd in Open.
Congrats to all the winners!!!
Judge: Marco Sistermann (Germany)

december 11, 2016
Amsterdam Winner Show / IDS Amsterdam
Wow another wonderfull day for the Crème Anglaise team at the Amsterdam Winner show!
Or as we say in Dutch.. SUPER GAAF!!!
Bono (CA Panna Cotta) got CAC, CACIB and BOS
Beau (Ca Beau Rivage) got a VP-1 in puppy males
Dusty ( CA Eat My Dust) got ex-2 in junior class
But Sophie......(CA Pantomime) won CAC, CACIB, BOB and went on to win Group 10!!!
So, BIG#1 at the Winner!!!
Breed judge: Jill Peak (UK)
Group judge: Jose Vidal Montero (ESP)
Proud of everyone in the team, thanks for the support and help. Especially to Renee Metselaar Struik and Shelby Mowbray.

december 9, 2016
Holland Cup / IDS Amsterdam (NL)
Today at the Holland Cup, Int. Dogshow Amsterdam, our little man Beau (Crème Anglaise's Beau Rivage) did a super job winning
Best Puppy in the breed and later on he went all the way to Best Puppy In Show and all that at his first show!!


Sophie also performed very well winning CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch and BOS
Breed Judge: Mr. Rudi Peters Brandt (DK)
Puppy Group Judge: Rachel Dijkhorst-Noij (NL)
Big thanks to both judges for thinking so highly of our dogs.

november 5-6, 2016
International dogshow at Bleiswijk (NL)

november 6, 2016

George Best of Breed again!! and shortlisted in group 8

Sophie won the group and best in show#3!!!

Breed judge: Liz Cartledge
Group judge: Frank Kane

Dusty took her 2nd Junior CAC today at her 2nd show.... So proud of all of them!!

november 5, 2016
Today was incredible at Int Dogshow Bleiswijk.
Fist George (Trimere Total Mahem) won CAC, CACIB & BOB in English Springers.
Later on it was the Whippets turn.
Young Dusty (Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust) at her debut won her Junior Class with the Junior CAC and later on the Reserve CAC as well !!
She only finnished after Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) who won the CAC and CACIB and the BOB.
In the afternoon in the honours ring first up was group 8, and George flew in and won the Group!!!
Then it was time for Group 10 and it was Sophies time to fly, she did it again and won her 5th Group of this year.
So we found ourselves with two dogs in the BIS lineup, it was an amazing feeling and the tension rose when the judge placed from 10 to 1.
George got a fantastic 5th BIS placement
and Sophie went on to win the Res Best In Show !!!
Who would not be over th moon after that!!!!

A big thank you to todays judges:
Springers & Group 8 Judge: Gerda Halff-van Boven (NL)
Whippets & Group 10 Judge: Mrs. J. Samolainen (FIN)
BIS Judge: Rony Doedijns (NL)


october 15, 2016
International dogshow at Dortmund(GER)

Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) won the group (BIG) at Int. Dog show Dortmund!!!!
She also won BOB and Herbst Sieger under judge Veronika Chrpová (CZ). Group judge: Hans Grüttner (GER).
See also after the pictures.

Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) did great as well getting BOS and Herbst Sieger

Also George (Trimere Total Mahem) got BOS today and Herbst Sieger and with this CACIB he finishes his International Championship!!!
Could not be more proud of this trio...

october 1 - 2, 2016
International dogshow (IJselshow) at Zwolle (NL)

George "Trimere Total Mahem" was 1-ex Champion, BOB CAC and CACIB
Judge: Tuus van Adrichem- Boogaert

Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime).
1-ex open, BOB, CAC and CACIB and BIG#3

Breed judge: Regina Tromp Pruyn
Group judge: Hetty van Der Lee-Greveld
Baby bis judge: Erica Bakker

George (Trimere Total Mahem) was 1-ex in Champ class, BOB, CAC and CACIB
Breed and group judge: Mrs M. Hutsteiner (AUT)
Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) also did a great job getting 1-ex in open bitch, BOB, CAC and CACIB and later on finnished BIG#2
Beau (Crème Anglaise's Beau Rivage) got VB1 in Baby class with a spectacular judging report on his debut.
Breed judge: Andre van den Broek (NL)
Group judge: Regina Tromp Pruyn (NL)

september 27, 2016
Dutch Eukanuba World Challenge 2016
Today the final results of the Dutch Eukanuba World Challenge 2016 were confirmed,
and 2nd place and runner up in this huge competition was our "SOPHIE" Crème Anglaise's Pantomime...
Sophie won her first group at the age of 9 months, awarded to her by Mr. Rony Doedijns at the Christmas Show in Cuijck last year and then went on to win 7 x BIG (CACIB), 2 x Res BIG (CACIB) 3 x BIS (2 x CACIB + 1 x specialty), 2 x Res BIS (CACIB) and numorous BOB's in 2016 ...
Needless to say we are extremely proud of our homebred girl, who is not only fabulous to be with in the ring but first and foremost a joy to live with!

A big thank you to all the judges who saw the potential in Sophie, and to all our friends in life and on FB for their support.
We also would like to congratulate this year's winner and topdog Beardie Connecions Kenji,
owNL by Anneke Otto and wish them all the succes at the finals at Crufts 2017!

september 24 - 25, 2016
IDS and Benelux winner, Maastricht (NL)

Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie)
1-ex open, CAC, CACIB & BOB!!!
She also got BIS!!!

Today at the Benelux winner she did it again Sophie BOB again and is now Benelux Winner'16 and Crufts qualified
*** Sophie finished BIG#2 in group 10 ***
Breed judge: Dirk Spruijt (BEL)
Group judge: Rony Doedijns (NL)

Crème Anglaise's Allegro Con Brio (Nillson)
1-ex open, res CAC, res CACIB, & Res Best Male.
With this result NILLSON is now a DUTCH CHAMPION!!!

BOS was our Nilsson so he is also Benelux Winner'16 and Crufts qualified.

Breed judge: Branislav Rajic (SLO)
Group judge: Dirk Spruijt (BEL)
BIS judge: Rob Douma (NL)

Trimere Total Mahem
In springers George was again BOB (september 24, as well) and he is also Benelux Winner'16 and Crufts qualified
*** George finished BIG#3 in group 8 ***
Breeder: Ann Corbett
Breed judge: Csaba Zsolt (ROM)
Group judge: Knut S. Wilberg UK)

september 3-4, 2016
IDS, Rotterdam (NL)
Today was a George day...
He got BOB CAC CACIB and BIG#2!!!!
Trimere Total Mahem bred by Ann Corbett
Breed Judge: Ralph Dunne (IRE)
Group Judge: Heather Cox (IRE)

Saturday: Sophie did it again and was Best of Breed at the international dog show Rotterdam!!
You can find the results on

august 27, 2016
European Dog Show Brussels (BEL) 2016
Judge: Rafael de Santiago (Puerto Rico)
Pan won CAC CACIB Best Male and the title European Winner'16
Sophie won 1-ex open class (10)

august 23, 2016
Lola is gone ....
Today she lost the battle with cancer, that she so bravely fought. The last few days when we looked in her eyes
she kind of let us know she lost her strengh and the will to go on.
So we had to give her the last thing we could give her, her peace.

august 14, 2016
Donaueschingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Wonderful day yesterday in Donaueschingen!!
Nilsson won the largest male open class and gaiNL the CAC.
Dusty, at her first show won bitch puppy and later Puppy BOB and Puppy BIS!!!!

Nilsson 2nd on open (22) and res CAC
Sophie 2nd in Open (34)
Pan 1st in champion class
Dusty 1st in puppy class, BOB Puppy and PBIS#3
Today the judge wrote in his rapport about Dusty... "I think I have just seen a Star" ....

august 10, 2016
We expected pups out of the combination:
Crème Anglaise's Panda Bear (Bear) X Crème Anglaise's Hello It's Me (Isa)

Crème Anglaise's Hello It's Me (Isa, 2014)

June 19, 2016
IDS De Meierij Den Bosch (NL)

This was an amazing day at IDS De Meierij in Den Bosch....
George started the day in a tough competition getting 1-ex, CAC , CACIB and BOB
Later on he got BIG#3 under breed and group judge Mrs. T. Urek (SK)

In whippets...
Bono won intermediate 1-ex and then Best male with CAC and CACIB
Res male was his brother Chap, owNL and handled today by Roosmarie Wibier. Chap is now a Dutch Junior Champion.
Then it was Sophie's turn...
She got 1-ex in Open, CAC, CACIB, BOB and later won the group BIG#1
Breed and group judge Mrs R. Reyniers (BEL)
Sophie went on to RES. BEST IN SHOW
BIS judge Mrs. L. de Ridder-Onghena (BEL)

Needless to say we are so proud of all of them and we had a super wonderful weekend in Den Bosch!!

June 18, 2016
IDS Outdoor Uden (NL)

Sophie got the BOB and Bono the BOS.
Both got the CAC & CACIB.

George finnished his Championship in great style getting
1-EX in Open class CAC CACIB and BOB
And also he got BIG#2. He is now qualified for the Dutch Dog of the Year Show.

Congrats to his breeder Ann Corbett
Judge: Mrs. R. Lochs-Romans (NL)
Group: Mrs. T. Adrichem Bogaert - Kwint (NL)

June 4, 2016
CACIB show at Tilburg (NL)
Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta (Bono): 1ex Open Class & best male CAC & CACIB
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie):  2-ex open class. Res CAC & Res CACIB
Judge: R. Lochs-Romans
Photo by Jacqueline Wagener

May 15, 2016
News from the show at Wieze (Bel).
22 whippets entered under judge Jean Louis Grunheid (Fra).

Bono (Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta)
1-ex interm, Best Male, CAC & BOS
Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime)
1-ex open, Best Bitch, CAC & BOB
She became also Best In Group !!!

Big thanks to Faye Tromp-Van Der Veer for handling Bono so well in the BOB challenge.
Sophie and Bono are co-owNL with Diana Hansen.
The picture on the right is made by Shelby Mowray.

May 3, 2016
The pups of Fifi are born, see at puppies.

April 23, 2016
We had another fabulous day, this time in Lingen, Germany.
Not just resultwise but we had a good laugh and a fab time with Jasper and Ineke de Vos-Brugman and Steven Esposti.
Sophie (CA Pantomime) 1-ex junior class, j-CAC, BOB, Best In Group and Res junior BIS of the day.
Her father, Pan-the-man did great as well: 1-ex Open class, CAC, CACIB and BOS
Sophie and Pan are co-owNL with Diana Hansen
Breed Judge: Attila Czeglédi (HUN)
Group Judge: Ferdi Diekman (GER)


April 16 -17, 2016
Brabo show 2016 at Antwerp
50th international pedigree dog exhibition with CAC-CACIB.

April 16, 2016
Wonderful day at show again with
Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) winning BOB, his daughter got 1-ex in junior bitch.
Judge: Louis Dehaes.

Pictures made by Hanmin Lee.


April 9 and 10, 2016
CACIB show De Utrecht.
Sunday, april 10
Soooo proud of our Sophie!!! Our homebred girl
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime
BIS judge: H. Assenmacher (GER)
Total entry: 1902 dogs


Saterday, april 9
Today at CACIB at Utrecht Sophie (Crème Anglaise Pantomime) did it again, gaining BOB and BIG#1
co-owner: Diana Hansen
We never put up our judges critiques but this one is quit special and made us gleem with pride...
"14 months old bitch. Excellent breed representative. Very feminin, everything comes together in this little lady.
She could without a doubt be put in the breeds encyclopidia! She has the breed specific daisycutting movement."

Her father Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) got Best male and BOS!
Her brother Chap (CA Pancetta) owNL and handled by Mark Wibier got the junior CAC and res best male with full CAC.

Her sister Panny (CA Pannick Attack) was 2u in junior bitches just behind Sophie. Well done to Susanna Pfeifer, owner and handler.
Chelsea (CA Spice Girl) owNL and handled by Suzanne Jansen got 2u in Intermediate class.
A very big thank you to...
Breed Judge: Jan Coppens (NL)
Group Judge: Birgitta Svarstad (SWE)
Back to Utrecht tomorrow....

April 6, 2016
Begin may, we are expecting a litter of Bono and Fifi
Sire: Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta (Bono)
Dam: Graffiti Vanilla of Victoria's Gamble (Fifi)

March 19-20,  2016
CACIB (Leiden) Hazerswoude-Dorp (NL)

Sunday march 20, 2016
BEST IN SHOW CACIB Hazerswoude-Dorp (NL) entry 1574 dogs
NJK, JW'15, CW'16 Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie) almost 14 months old...
Breed and group Judge Jean Louis Grunheid (F)
BIS Judge Gerda Halff-van Boven (NL)
Pic by Liesbeth Lies
Sophie is owned by Jan Willem Akerboom, Kris van der Schaaf and Diana Hansen.

Saturday march 19, 2016
What a day at the show it was...
Started off with George (Trimere Total Mahem) finnishing BOB
Then the Whippets were on...
Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) won junior class and went on to Best Bitch and CAC, later BOB and BIG#1!!!
Sophie is co-owNL by Diana Hansen
Her father Pan (Jesrae game of Thrones) won Champion Class and then went on to Best Male, CAC and CACIB and lost out to his daughter,so he went BOS.
Our third star was Fifi (Grafitti Vanilla of Victoria's Gamble) she won Open class bitches and got the reserve CACIB that counts as a full CACIB as the cacib winner is already an Int Ch.
With this point Fifi is now also a Brand New INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION. Fifi is bred by and co-owNL with Vicki Thompson
A very BIG thank you to our judges today
Springer Judge; Wil Horstenbach (NL)
Whippet & Group 10 Judge: Jean Louis Grunheid (FRA)
Picture courtesy of Kynoweb

March 10-13, 2016
Click here for the page Crufts 2016.

March 6, 2016

Crème Anglaise's Sacré Coeur (Aimee) went to her new home in the UK with 3 CAC's and a Junior Dutch Championship...
So when she came back for her litter late 2015
we thought let's try to get her the crown she deserves to have although we only had two chances...
Today she did it!!! winning her 4th CAC and with that her DUTCH CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

She also went on to win BOB (entry 27)

Aimee even made it to 3rd Best In Group!!!!
And qualifies herself for the Dog of the Year Show in 2017
Thank you group judge Jos de Cuijper (Bel)

We are super proud of this pretty girl and so happy for her owner Jan Doherty.


More good news for Crème Anglaise in the Juniors because
Crème Anglaise's Pannick Attack won 1-EX in junior with Junior CAC
(owNL by Susanna Pfeifer)
and ....
Crème Anglaise's Pancetta (Chap) won 1-EX in junior with the Junior CAC and Best Junior!!!
So he is also going to the groups!!!
Huge congrats to owners Mark Wibier and Roosmarie Wibier.

February 14, 2016
What a fantastic day we had at the Dutch Whippet & IT Greyhound Clubmatch!
(total entry: 129)
Sophie (CA Pantomime): 1-ex Junior Class, Junior CAC, Best Bitch with double CAC, BOB, Clubwinner’16 & BIS
(Sophie is co-owNL with Diana Hansen/Z-Af)
Nillson (CA Allegro con Brio): 1-ex Open Males, Best Male with Double CAC and BOS
Aimee (CA Sacré Coeur): 1-ex in Breeders Class (owNL by Jan Doherty)
Bono (CA Panna Cotta): 1-ex Junior Class, Junior CAC and with that he finnishes his Dutch Junior Championship
Patsy (CA Kissed A Girl): 1-vp in baby bitches (owNL by: Rossella Bazzano)
Also shown today was Dakota (CA Got A Ticket), (owNL by Igna Verhoef) handled for the first time in the ring by young
Pieter-jan Verhoef, who did a good job on his first try and got 2nd place in Baby males!
A very big thank you to todays judges
Cisca van der Toorn (NL) – Whippet adult Males & Females
Louis Dehaes (BE) – IG’s, Whippet baby’s and puppy’s & Best is Show
We also got the news that our Dirkje (CA The Supreme) won BOB and BIG and BIS#4 under
breed/group judge Mrs Cox (IRE) and BIS-judge Attila Czeglédi (HUN) in Waalwijk!!
Congrats to co-owners/handlers/loving caretakers Thethreeturnips Freek En Anita
Pic by: Michèle Wybou

January 23, 2016
CACIB show at Eindhoven (NL)
Sophie: 1ex junior CAC, new Dutch junior champion, CAC and Best of Breed!!
BIG#2 !!!
and the first dog to be selected for group 10 at next year's Dog of the Year show.
Very proud of our little girl!!!
Breed Judge: Mr Muldoon (EIRE)
Group Judge: Mrs Muldoon (EIRE)
CO-owNL with Diana Hansen.

George: 1ex, CAC, CACIB and Best of Breed!!

January 16, 2016
Our day at the Dog of the Year show.
Filmed by the online TV-Show.
Lifestyle For Pets
Link opens in a new browser window.


January 9, 2016
Another title for Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) today he got his last CAC to become Belgian Champion!!
Pan is bred an co-owNL by Diana Hansen
And as a crown on this day our Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) wins junior BOB and JUNIOR BEST IN SHOW!!!
Bono was junior BOS
George (Trimere Total Mahem) was also BOB today!!!

January 4, 2016
Pippe became a mother of 3 dogs and 3 bitches...see at puppen.

January 1, 2016