News 2017

December 19, 2017
And so another show year drawes to a close....
2017 was a fabulous year and we have had many big results in Holland and aboad for Dusty, George, Blossi and still our big star Sophie...
Sophie finished 2017 as ALL BREED RUNNER UP TOPDOG in The Netherlands, for the 2nd year in a row !!!

Super proud of her and the other dogs in our showteam and we thank all the judges for their support and kind words !!!
Crème Anglaise

December 10, 2017
YES, it's the sound of a motorboat, but.... also of this picture!!
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime ( Sophie)
Kraftbrewd's Blossi at Heimsenda ( Blossi)
Trimere Total Mahem (George)
King Prince Sense of Beauty (William)
All BOB and Amsterdam Winner today!!
And West Chelan Quick Look At Me ( Posh), BOBPuppy

December 9, 2017
HEYYY Let's NOT forget about BLOSSI!!!!!
Yesterday at the Holland Cup BLOSSI was made up in a DUTCH CHAMPION!!!
He is now UK, US and Dutch Champion!
And he did it in great style, not only getting the crowning CAC, but also BOB and BIG#2

Breed Judge: Graham Hill (UK)
Group Judge: Erica Bakker - van de Woesteijne (NL)

He has only been with us for a short while and shown in Holland 6 times, he was 1 x BIG#1, 1 x BIG#2, 1 x BIG#3 and 1 x BIS#3
But more important he is a funnyface and a joy to live with, he loves our whippets and Springer and they all Love BLOSSI !!
Congrats to his owner Lára Birgisdóttir and breeder Jodi VanderWeele-Noble.

December 8, 2017
WhoopWhoop, Sophie did it again ....
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime
at the 2017 HOLLAND CUP!!!
Very proud of little miss Sophie!!!
Breed Judge: Leni Finne (Fin)
Group Judge: Kornelija Butrimova (LT)
BIS Judge: José Homem de Mello (Por)
Pic by Szalánczi Gábor
Our congrats to Gwen Huikeshoven for her BIS with Frosty.

november 5, 2017
Another fabulous day at Cacib Bleiswijk.
Blossi (Kraftbrewds Blossi at Heimsenda) was on first and got BOB again. Later on in the group he finnished in the final selection of 6.
Next up were the whippets and at his first show in Holland our Gregory (Mc Gregor du Manoir de la Grenouillere) won the junior CAC and reserve Best Male.
Dusty took open class and went on to BOB. In the group she finnished 3rd.
Aussie judge: Jeff Luscott (UK)
Group 1: Mr. C. Habig (GER)
Whippet judge: Kjeld Lindström (SWE)
Group 10: Hans van den Berg (NL)
Dusty pic by Kristina Kalamata and Blossy pic by Renée Hubregtse-Koks from Kynoweb.

november 4, 2017
What a day at Cacib Bleiswijk (NL), first up was George and then it was Dusty and finally it was Blossi's turn.
They all took the BOB, with CAC and CACIB in their respective breeds!!
It will be a busy afternoon...

Springer judge: Mr. P.K. Andersen
Whippet judge: Mr. Andre van den Broek
Aussie judge: Mrs. C. Akkeson

and Dusty became second in the group, sighthound specialist: Andre van den Broek.

october 29, 2017
It was a long drive back to Leuven, but well worth it!!
Kraftbrewds Blossi At Heimsenda took 3rd place in a very high quality BIS line up
BIS judge: Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk Wierzchowska (POL)
Blossi is owned by Làra Birgisdottir and bred by Jodi VanderWeele-Noble

october 28, 2017
Blossi, best of breed, 37 aussies entered. Blossi also went groupswinner!!!
Above pictures are made by Shelby Mobray.

Bono new international champion!! Thanks Nicole for showing him so well xx

october 8, 2017
DUSTY (Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust): GOES BEST IN SHOW AT CACIB ZWOLLE!!!!
A big thank you to breed & group judge: M Leonard (IRE) and BIS judge S. Walsh (IRE).

october 7, 2017
Dusty: CAC, CACIB and BOB and 2nd in the group!!! (judge: Frans Gerritsen (NED).)
Perry: J.CAC. New dutch champion in only 3 shows. (judge: Mark Wibier (DE).)

october 1,2017
What a fabulous day again...
Blossi (Kraftbrewds Blossi at Heimsenda)
In a big and strong competition got
1-ex Champion class, CAC, CACIB and BOB and later on BIG#3
Blossi is owned by Lára Birgisdóttir (ICL) and bred by Tom & Jodi VanderWeele-Noble (USA)
Breed judge: Igor Vyguzov (RUS)
Group judge Rob Douma (NL)
Dusty ( CA Eat My Dust) 1-ex in open class, CAC, CACIB and BOB
Perry (CA Dom Pérignon) 1-ex Junior Class, CAC, junior CAC and BOS. Later on Perry finnished 4th Junior BIS.
Breed judge: Bart Scheerens (BEL)
Junior BIS judge: Wil Horstenbach (NL)
Huge congratulations to Jasper & Ineke de Vos-Brugman for their BIS with their home bred Deerhound William!!! It could not have happened to better people!!

september 30, 2017
Perry ((CA Dom Pérignon) 1-ex junior class, junior CAC, CAC and BOS
Dusty (CA Eat My Dust) 1-ex open class, CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!
Needless to say we are very happy with the whippet results and now waiting for the group..
Breed judge: Wim Wellens (NL)

september 23, 2017
BDSS at Belfast.
Just received the word from Belfast....
Pan (Jesrae Game Of Thrones) is a new UK Champion!!!
He is the first South African and Dutch Whippet Champion in the UK!!!
A big thank you to breed Judge Mr. M Saunders (UK), for giving Pan his 3rd and final Championship Certificate to receive his crown!!!
And a big congrats to Pan's breeder Diana Hansen. So proud of our boy!!!
Who would have thought when he came to live with us two years ago!!!


2 days at the Donaueschingen Winner Show:

august 13, 2017
Another funfilled day in Donau.. fab weather, lovely people around and again nice dogs in big classes.

These were the Crème Anglaise results of today:
Csilla (CA Love Me Tender) 4th in baby bitches.
Dusty (CA Eat My Dust) another 1st in Intermediate class.
Perry (CA Dom Pérignon) another 1st in Puppy class and Puppy BOB.
Beau (CA Beau Rivage) 1st in Junior class, Junior BOB, and later on Junior BEST IN SHOW!!
Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) 2nd in Champion class.
Star of the day was Bono who was 1st in open and he got the CAC!!!

Bono is currently living with and was superbly handled by Nicole Stephan. Very proud of both of you!!
Again all dogs shown in the cards!!!

Dog judge: Molly Rule-Steele, bitch judge: Paulo Coelho.

august 12, 2017
As always this amazing show is guaranteed to have huge classes and lots of very nice dogs to watch.
This is a true highlight of the year. We went and showed 7 dogs this time....

Here are our results:
Csilla (CA Love Me Tender) 4th in baby Bitches.
Sophie (CA Pantomime) 4th in Champ Bitches.
Dusty (CA Eat My Dust) 1st in intermediate Bitches, and Reserve CAC.
Beau (CA Beau Rivage), 4th in Junior Males.
Gregory (McGregor du Manoir de la Grenouillere) 4th in Puppy Males.
Perry (CA Dom Pérignon) 1 st in Puppy Males, and BEST PUPPY IN SHOW!!!!!
Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) 1st in Champ Males, and BEST male, and Donaueschingen Winner 2017.

7 dogs shown, 7 placements in huge classes, so a memorable day for us!!!
Thanks to our judges Paulo Coelho (Dogs) and Molly Rule-Steele (Bitches)


Benelux Winner Show Rotterdam (NED)
july 30, 2017
Here are our results of today...
Beau: Junior Class winner, junior Benelux title Winner, and reserve Best Male.
Sophie: Champion class winner, Benelux title Winner and BOB
Judge: Leona Reynaert (BEL)

International Dog Show Rotterdam (NED)
july 29, 2017
Amazing day at CACIB ROTTERDAM
21 whippets entered under Mrs Laura Cox (IER)
Starting with the males we had Bono in open and he made it all the way to Best Male ,
with that result he has become a new DUTCH CHAMPION in style!! Bono (CA Panna Cotta) is in the wonderful care of Nicole Stephan,
who keeps him in perfect condition.

Then it was the girls turn...
Dusty won open and Sophie won Champion class and in the CAC challenge
it was Sophie who won and Dusty the reserve which is a full CAC in this case.
Sophie went on to win the group under Mrs Cox,
and later on made it all the way to Reserve BIS and BIS bred by exhibitor under bis judge Jo Schepers (NED)
Another super day, thanks everyone for the help and support!!
Bono (CA Panna Cotta), left and Sophie (CA Pantomine) on the right.

Photo's beneath: Sophie (CA Pantomine), made by Ron Baltus.

Sophie on her way winning res BIS.... Video by Nicole Stephan.

(Heteren, NED)
july 16, 2017
We had yet another fabulous day today, showing 6 of our dogs and three of them for the first time...
Our results:
CA Dom Pèrignon (Perry): 1st in Dog Puppy, Puppy BOB and Puppy BIS
CA Beau Rivage (Beau) : 1st in Junior, Best Male, CAC, BOS
CA Love Me Tender (Csilla): 1st in bitch puppy, BOB baby
CA Cuveé Cristal (Josje): 1st in bitch puppy class
CA Eat My Dust (Dusty): 1st in open class, res CAC
CA Pantomime (Sophie): 1st in Champ class, CAC and BOB
A big thanks to our judge today Mrs Erica Bakker (NL)
Pic by Ron Baltus

Limburgia Dog Show, Echt (NED)
july 2, 2017
Today the last show in our holiday and what a result to finish our fab holiday...
Beau: JCAC, CAC and BOS.
Dusty: 1U
And star of the day Shopie: CAC, CACIB and BOB!!!
Thanks to the judge Regina Tromp Pruyn (NED).

Windsor Dog Show (UK)
june 29 and june 30, 2017
Like everybody said Windsor is a beautiful show, very compact and well organized.
Again we were happy with our results and like Border Union and Blackpool,
all 4 of our entries made it into the cards again. Judge was Frank Kane (UK).

Beau 1st in Junior Class, 3 wins in a row!!
Pan 4th in Open Class, after winning 2 CC's
Dusty 1st in Junior Class, 3 wins in a row!!
Sophie 4th in a highly competitive Open Class

Sophie at the ch show Windsor, thanks Bitte Ahrens Primavera for this picture and the compliments about our girl!!

Although the picture beneath says differently, we have had fabulous day, dry weather with lots of sun.
A big thanks to all our friends in the UK for making us feel so welcome around the show ring and for all the fun and laughter on the camp sites!!

Blackpool Dog Show (UK)
june 25, 2017
Another fabulous experience to go in the UK's only BIS line up for Juniors and winning the Reserve Best In Show with our little Dusty!!
(Crème Anglaise's Eat my Dust)
So incredibly proud of this girl!!!
A big thank you to Junior Group Judge David Craig and Junior BIS Judge Irene McManus.

june 24, 2017
Today was again a fabulous day for us!!
These were our results:
Beau 1st in Junior dogs (9)
Sophie 4th in open bitches (16)
Pan 1st in open dogs and gaining his 2nd CC!!!
Another star of the day was Dusty getting
1st in Junior bitches, best junior and later moving on to win the junior group!!!
Back to Blackpool tomorrow....

june 17, 2017
Boder Union (UK)
Beau (Crème Anglaise's Beau Rivage) won junior class.
Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) won open, dog CC!!!, BOB and Group #2.
Pan is co owned with and bred by Diana Hansen
Special thanks to Breed judge Albert Ritchie and Group judge Pam Marston -Pollock
for thinking so highly of our dogs.

George (Trimere Total Mahem) was very successful again and took the Reserve Dog CC at Border Union!!!
He was handled superbly by Sarah Corbett

june 11, 2017
Fab news just received from the UK
George (Trimere Total Mahem) wins his first CC at the English Springer Breed show!!!
So happy!!!
Congrats to breeders/handlers Ann and Sarah Corbett.

june 4, 2017
Championnat de France 2017 (Nantes, France)
Judge: Yves-Emmanuel Vilanova (FRA)
69 whippets entered
PAN (Jesrae Game of Thrones) wins the CACIB out of Champ class.
BEAU (Crème Anglaise's Beau Rivage) wins junior class AND BOS AND BEST JUNIOR
DUSTY (Crème Anglaise's Eat mMy Dust)2e in intermediate
SOPHIE (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) wins CAC and CACIB from open class AND BOB!!!, 3rd in group.
Also, as winner of the CACIB, Sophie became an INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION!!!
Pictures: De L'eden D'isawan

BOB Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie) and BOS & JBOB Crème Anglaise's Beau Rivage (Beau)

may 28, 2017
International Dog Show Oss (NL)
And again...
Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) does it again!!!
This time she made it to Runner-up at International Dog Show Oss
BIS judge: Andrew Brace (UK)
Breed and Group10 judge: Janelle W Robbins (AUS)

may 26, 2017
CACIB show Oss
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie): 1U CAC, CACIB & BOB
Sophie won also group 10, judge: Janelle W Robbins (AUS)

May 21, 2017
Sophie does Dortmund and goes BEST IN SHOW
BIS judge: Hans van den Berg (NL)
She is such an amazing girl.... So proud of her!!!

May 20, 2017
With excellent results at the International Dog show Dortmund.
48 whippets entered under judge Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne (GER), she thought very highly of our dogs.
Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust (Dusty): ex-1 junior bitch and Junior BOB.
Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta (Bono): 1-ex open class, CAC, CACIB and BOS.
Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie): 1-ex open class, CAC CACIB and BOB!!!
Sophie also finished both her German titles today becoming VDH CHAMPION and WCD CHAMPION in one go!!!
And she won the group!!! We are so proud of her!!!!
Group judge: Rodi Hubenthal (SWE).

Picture: Melissa van Oosten.

BOB picture: Nicole Stephan
Breed judge: Wilfriede Schwerm-Hahne

May 19, 2017

Wonderful day again for Crème Anglaise
Out of 81 whippets the UK judge Mrs Shirley Rawlings awarded our dogs with the following results.
Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta (Bono)
1-ex open class, res CAC, CACIB and Reserve Best Male !!

Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie)
1-ex open class, CAC, CACIB and Best Bitch and the EUROPASIEGER title.


April 30, 2017

Awesome day for the Creme Anglaise team under breed specialist Molly Head (UK).
PAN (Jesrae Game of Thrones): BEST IN SHOW with CAC.
SOPHIE (CA Pantomime): 2-nd in open class with res. CAC.
BONO (CA Panna Cotta): 2nd in Open class.
BEAU (CA Beau Rivage): 2nd in Junior class.
PARKER (CA Park Me In First) 3rd in Junior class and BEST HEAD IN SHOW (owners: Ruysschaert Delaplace).

Big thank you to the judge and the flawless organization of the show and Pascal Ring for this marvelous photoshoot.


April 21, 2017
Happy!!!! Today, heart of Pan and Bono tested  (colour doppler test): both clear!!!

April 16, 2017

Crème Anglaise's Panna Cotta (Bono)
Males openklas 1U CAC & CACIB

Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust (Dusty)
Bitches openklas 1U res.CAC & res.CACIB

April 15, 2017

Openclass Bitches 1-EX, BOB, BIG and res. BIS !!!
Best dog bred by exhibitor in show

Openclass Males 1-EX and BOS

Breed Judge: A. Beare (IER)
BIS Judge: S. Burns (IER)

And a big thank you to Shelby Mowbray for handling Bono so well in te BIS chalenge!


March 19, 2017
Int. dogshow KV Rijnland 2017

(entry: 1597 dogs)
At the same show where her sister Sophie went BIS last year, younger sister Dusty did it as well!!!
Needless to say we are incredibly proud of this young blond lady
Breed Judge: Jean-Jacques Dupas (FRA)
Group Judge: Jean-Jacques Dupas (FRA)
BIS Judge: Dorota Witkowska (POL)

Today was incredible because we had some more nice results:
CA Pantomime (Sophie) 1-ex open class
CA Beau Rivage (Beau) 1-ex junior Junior CAC, CAC and BOS
First off today was our little pony.... Lipton the Greyhound!!
Dare Alla Luce Earl Grey 1-ex open and res CAC
Lipton is now a new DUTCH CHAMPION!!!


march 9 - 12, 2017
We were at Crufts 2017 at Birmingham (UK).
Crufts 2017

march 4 - 5, 2017
IDS Groningen (Martini) Netherlands

march 5, 2017
Today it was George his turn.....
Dutch Champion: Trimere Total Mahem
Result: 1-EX Champ Class, CAC, CACIB, and BOB !!!
Breed Judge: Des Manton (IRE)

And George got Best In Group#2,
and his ticket to the Dog of the Year Show!!
Our congrats to the winning Golden Retriever!
Group 8 judge: Colette Muldoon (IRE)

So proud of her!!!
Congrats to Gwen Huikeshoven with her BIS today!!
BIS judge: Anca Giura (ROM)


march 4, 2017
Crème Anglaise's Beau Rivage
1-ex junior class, junior CAC, res CAC and res Best Male for our Beau!!!
Breed judge: Hans van den Berg (NL)

Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust
1-ex Junior class, junior CAC, junior BOB and reserve junior BIS!!! For our Dusty!!!
Breed judge: Hans van den Berg (NL)
Junioren BIS judge: Maikel Koot (NL)

NJK CW'16 W'16 Crème Anglaise's Pantomime
1-ex Open class, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BEST IN GROUP for our Sophie!!!
Breed judge: Hans van den Berg (NL)
Group judge: Des Manton (IRE)


Dutch Whippet Championship Clubmatch 2017
february 12, 2017
A busy day Crème Anglaises and Nillson did it again...
Reserve Best Male'15, Best male16, and now again Best Male '17!!!
With Bono taking the 1-ex in open class and the reserve Best Male and Beau taking the junior CAC
and TomTom taking a 2nd in minor puppy, the CA boys did a great job!!!
Sophie won open class bitches and Res. Best Bitch and Dusty took 1-ex in the Breeders Class so the girls did an equally good job.
But it really was a Nillson day today!!!
Whippets were judged by Russell Sykes (UK)
Congratulations to Bart Scheerens for winning the BOB

Photos are made by Roosmarie Wibier.

CACIB show Eindhoven
february 3,4, and 5 2017

Crème Anglaise's Pantomime (Sophie): 1U CAC, CACIB and BOS

Trimere Total Mahem (George) wins another Best of Breed...
Breed judge: Mr. G. Mensink (NL)

january 15, 2017
Fantastic day!!
After receiving the Eukanuba Award for Best Sighthound 2016 and runner up Top dog All Breeds,
Sophie (Crème Anglaise's Pantomime) went on to win Group 10 at the Dutch Dog of the Year Show!!!!
Group10 judge: Andre van den Broek
Later in the large group 8, judged by Dinanda Mensink, our George (Trimere Total Mahem) made it to the final selection of 6
Super proud of both of them.
All in all it was a fabulous day and a great start to the new season!!

january 1, 2017
All the best wishes for the new year 2017.