News 2019

22 december 2019

The last show of the year today was a very nice one. Jolene (CA La Fayette) made us proud again winning the junior class which gave her the title of Junior Winster 2019. She then won Junior BOB, and reserve best bitch. Finally she was Junior Group 10 winner! This result puts Jolene in place as Runner-up Top Whippet (dogs & bitches) of The Netherlands behind Dusty.
Our Zaza (CA La Colle Noir) did a great job winning Open Class today.

A big thank you for the lovely critiques from breed specialist judge Bart Scheerens.
There was a very nice Christmas spirit around the ring. Thanks everyone for all the cheers, food, drinks and lovely presents!!!

21 november 2019
Yesterday we had a lovely award ceremony organised by Eukanuba. All the group winners of 2018 and 2019 received their award during a nice dinner, every course was served in a different restaurant and our transport each time was by boat through the scenic canals of Utrecht.

Italian Sighthound: Ch. Red Comet Rock and Roll was awarded the group 10 award for 2018 as well as a remembrance plack for representing the Netherlands at the Eukanuba world challenge.
Whippet: Ch. Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust was awarded the group 10 award for 2019 as well as the award for Overall TopDog of 2019!!

Congrats to all the winners and a warm thank you to Eukanuba for organising this special evening!

3 november 2019
Jolene did it again!!!
2nd day in Bleiswijk Jojo did it again, winning Junior CAC, CAC and BOB. Later on the group she was BIG#2 again.
She is only 14 months old and already moving so secure in the main ring, so we are extremely happy with her development.
A big thank you to breed and group judge Mr Bruno Paola Viviana Nodalli from Italy.
Jojo is co-owned with Ineke de Vos-Brugman.
Pic by Debbie Einberger.


2 november 2019
IDS Bleiswijk (day 1)
We had a fab first day in Bleiswijk!!
Jolene (CA La Fayette) took Best of Breed from junior class and later on she got BIG#2, both under respected judge Wim Wiersma (NL).
Jolene is co-owned with Ineke de Vos-Brugman.
Picture by Elles Dijkman.

Earlier today our Springer Jess, won Best Bitch under judge Murray Armstrong (UK)

20 october 2019
To celebrate Dusty's title of Dutch All Breed Topdog 2018/2019, we organised a nice beachwalk and lunch for all the people that played a part in her success. Supporters, friends and caretakers of the stay at home dogs.
We were surprised with some fabulous presents like a beautiful drawing/painting of Dusty of one of our favourite pictures of her, a super photo shoot by Ron Baltus and a nice bottle of excellent Italian wine.

Thank you all for making this such a memorable day, we enjoyed it a lot!!






9 october 2019

Eat My Dust has become proverbial now that it's officially confirmed that DUSTY is DUTCH EUKANUBA ALL BREEDS TOPDOG 2018/2019.
We knew she was special from the day she was born .
We are super proud of our little blond girl that she pulled it off and our sincerest gratitude goes out to all the judges from all over the world who went over her and thought so highly of her!!
After finishing 2nd overall with Sophie (CA Pantomime) in 2016 & 2017, And 4th overall with Dusty last year we feel truly elated that DUSTY has made it all the way!
Our dogs are exclusively fed EUKANUBA!!

1 september 2019
What a super day it was today!!!
We enjoyed today immensly, no pressure and nothing but fun fun fun today and some very nice results too!
Crème Anglaise's La Fayette took BOB today out of Junior Class.
Jolene is now a new JUNIOR DUTCH CHAMPION !!!
and has collected 3 Dutch adult CAC's in the process..
(Jojo is co-owned with Ineke de Vos-Brugman) and Crème Anglaise's Pancetta, owned and handled by Roosmarie and Mark Wibierr took Best Male and the BOS.
His father Jesrae Game of Thrones took Reserve Best Male.

The day started with little man Dexter in Baby Class, which he rocked and in the afternoon he was awarded Best Baby in Show!! (Dex was bred by Anita de Boer, and co-owned with her and Peter and Marjan Van Eijk).
Next up was lovely young lad Jason (Palmik Aces High) He is also living with and co-owned with Roosmarie and Mark Wibier. Mark handled him to victory in Junior Class with a Junior CAC and a judge who was aboslutely smitten by him.
Today Domino was beaten by her sister Marley, finnishing 1 and 2 in Intermediate class. Big congrats to Nicole Stephan. Marley looked at her best today and was shown beautifully!!
Both girls were bred by Anita De Boer.
Open bitch was won by Piaf (Crème Anglaise's Cream de la Crème).
Sincere thanks to our judge of today Mrs Mary Pascoe from the UK for thinking so highly of our team.

25 august 2019

2018-2019 (Eukanuba Competition)


Finnished in great style with a BOB and Best In Group at CACIB Rotterdam under respected judge Dianne Degryze from Belgium.

It was a rollercoaster this year !!! We would like to thank all the judges who have awarded Dusty the high placings in the Breed, groups and BIS line ups.
We are well aware this whole year has been a team effort so thank you so much to all our friends at show for the help and the cheering and all the great fun we have had together!! And the home team, Saar, Riek, Riet and Renee taking care of the dogs and puppy's everytime. Thank you Ralf from Eukanuba for all your help and enthusiasm.
Finally, and most important...thank you Dusty.... we are so so proud of you, little girl!!!

7 july 2019
Yep, she did it again!!
At the atmospheric evening show in Echt (NL) Dusty was first awarded BOB by judge M. Vermeire (BEL) who later in the evening also awarded her with a fantastic Group #1.
So this evening we are heading back for the final line-up for BIS...
With young Jolene (CA La Fayette) getting her 2nd junior CAC and Reserve Best Bitch (with full CAC) yesterday evening was a complete succes. The judge absolutely adored her !!!
Very proud of both our girls!

7 june 2019
International Dogshow Arnhem.

Dusty does it again and won BOB!!

Piaff (CA Cream de la Creme) won a strong Junior Class and her 3rd Junior CAC making her up into a NEW DUTCH JUNIOR CHAMPION!!
Piaff also took reserve Best Bitch behind Dusty which gave her her 4th adult CAC.
In Holland the full CAC passes on to the reserve if best bitch is already a dutch champ. As she was also reserve behind Dusty at the Amsterdam Winner that one counts double. The Junior Championship is also worth 1 adult CAC. So that makes 4.
In Holland the Adult Dutch Championship can be gained from the day a dog reaches the age of 27 months. Piaff is only 16 months old so now she has to wait and mature for almost a year to try and grab her crown...

Pictures by Nicole Stephan, who is also celebrating her birthday today!!!
Happy birthday from us!!!


25 may 2019

Dusty (CA Eat My Dust) wins group 10 under group judge Mr. Tony Rainey (IRE).
So proud of her...
Yet another Best of Breed for Dusty!!!

And also a huge congrats to Melissa van Oosten for handling Romeo ( CA Route Sixtysix) to Junior BOB!! And his 3rd Junior CAC makes him a new Dutch Junior Champion !! And Piaff (CA Cream de la Creme) won her second Junior CAC!!
Thank you to judge Marie Gadolin (SWE)

JESS (Trimere Time to Shine), she was Best Bitch!! Taking her Dutch CAC total to 4 and also her 3rd Junior CAC which makes her a brand new JUNIOR DUTCH CHAMPION!!!
Judge: Hannie Warendorf (NL). Big congrats as well to her breeders Ann Corbett and Sarah Willett.


17 may 2019

Fantastic news from one of the biggest shows in Germany, where DALIDA (CA Cream of the Crop) which was handled by Nicole Stephan won Junior CAC, Junior Spring Winner, Best Bitch and BEST OF BREED!!! Later on at her first big show she was in the final selection of the group as well.
At the same show ROMEO (CA Route Sixtysix), handled by Melissa van Oosten did almost the same winning Junior CAC, Junior Spring Winner, Best Male and BEST OPPOSITE SEX
We are so proud of both these young teams!!

More fantastic news came from Scotland where THOMAS (Palmik King of Clubs), a PAN son took his first CC from Junior class and later on even took a bold 1st place in the Hound Group. Huge congrats to Yvonne Hull and Mike Howgate.
At the same show Taylor (Trimere Taylor Swift), a GEORGE daughter had an equally great performance ending up winning the puppy Gundog Group. Huge congrats to Ann Corbett and Sarah Willett.

Last but not least we received word that our South African boy PINK (CA Pink Panther) went all the way to win the Hound Group at the Jo'Burg Int. Dogshow. Huge congrats to his owners Mark and Gerla Anderson.


4 may 2019

Phillou (CRÈME ANGLAISE'S VANILLA FLAVOUR) has won her 2nd Green Star in Ireland out of Junior Class!!...out of an entry of 29...,
and a nice 4th place in Best In Group!!
So happy for and proud of Phillou and her owner and handler Diane Stewart-ritchie.
Judge today was: Gavin Robertson (Soletrader, UK).

28 april 2019
Last show for these shoes....
The weather in Belgium wasn't great but fortunately it got better on the afternoon. We had a fab day again among friends at the Belgian Whippet Clubmatch (BWCBW).
Pan (Jesrae Game of Thrones) was out for the first time in a year he went all the way to BEST IN SHOW !!! He was so happy to be back and flew as never before.
Same thing applies for our Sophie, who was out for the first time in 2 years and she loved it. Ending up as reserve bitch CAC winner, behind Posh!!
Chap (CA Pancetta) won Champ class and was Reserve best Male and reserve CAC. Owned by Mark and Roosmarie Wibier.
Jolene (CA La Fayette) made us proud and got Puppy BIS!! Co owned with Ineke de Vos-Brugman.
Domino, 3rd in junior, Piaff 2nd in intermediate and Jason 1st in puppy dog all gave a great performance.

Judge today was Wendy Slatyer (AUS).
Pic by Ineke de Vos-Brugman.

20-21 april 2019

Dusty does Goes!!! Both days BOB and winner of group 10!!
Day 1 3rd Best in Show (Mr. Tolson, Ier)
Day 2 BEST IN SHOW (Mrs L. De Ridder - Onghena, Bel)
Thank you both for your kind words about Dusty!!

But our other dogs also had a super weekend:
Domino (Wild Honey of the Three Turnips) was reserve Best Bitch both days getting 2 full CACs and her 2nd and 3rd Junior CAC which makes her a new Dutch Junior Champion. On day 2 she was also best Junior of group 10!! Domino is co-owned with and bred by Freek Nierop Anita De Boer.

Young boy Romeo (Creme Anglaise's Route 66) co owned with and handled by Melissa and Priscilla van Oosten was best junior dog both days, so 2 junior CACs. He also took res CAC on day 1 and BOS with full CAC on day 2.

Whippet and group 10 judges:
Day 1 Mrs L. Zizevske (Lit)
Day 2 Mrs. M. Kärdi (Est) (in picture)

Last but not least our Springer girl Jess (Trimere Time to Shine) had a great show weekend. Both days BOS and Junior BOB with junior CACs and full CACs!! Very proud of her!! Jess is bred by Ann Corbett and Sarah Willett and co owned with Ann Hull.

Finally a word of thanks to the Goes Show committee ... after having so many set backs this year you managed to make Goes a well run and very pleasant show for the exhibitors. Congrats on doing such a good job!!

Pic by Lisanne Bakker by courtesy of Kynoweb.

7 april 2019
CACIB Hanzenshow in Zwolle today and Dusty did it again BOB under judge Roel Van Veen-Keur (NL).
Also Dalida did very well and won the junior class and Junior BOB.
Pic by Nicole Stephan.

6 april 2019
Another great day for Dusty winning BOB and BIG at CACIB ZWOLLE today!!!
A big thank you to breed and group 10 judge: Andre van den Broek (NL)

24 march 2019
And then there was Dusty...
Creme Anglaise's Eat My Dust, she just never let's us down. Today she won BOB under Mr G. Jipping.
then she went on to win BEST IN GROUP under respected judge Igor Vyguzov from Russia!!
Mr Jipping also awarded our Domino (Wild Honey of the Three Turnips) the junior CAC and junior BOB!! Domino was bred and is co-owned with Freek Nierop Anita De Boer.
We had a great day among friends!!

3 march 2019
A fabulous day for us again in Groningen. We had 3 girls entered amd they all performed beautifully.
Dusty (CA Eat My Dust) was BOB, BENELUX Winner and BIG#2.
Dalida (CA Cream of the Crop) Junior CAC, res best bitch with full CAC, junior BOB, Junior BENELUX Winner and from a mega big group of juniors she made the podium to Junior BIS#3. Dalida is co-owned with Nicole Stephan.
And the baby of our showteam Jolene (CA La Fayette) stole the show today going all the way to Minor Puppy Best In Show!!!
Jojo is co-owned with Ineke de Vos-Brugman.

Breed judge today was the lovely mr Rainer Jacobs from Germany.
Group 10 judge Kitty Sjong, Denmark.
Junior BIS Maite Gonzalbo Lorenzo, Spain.
MP BIS mr. H. Stokmari from Finland.

Roosmarie and Elles thanks for all the pictures.

Pink ( CA Pink Panther) went all the way today to reserve Best In Show in Cape Town. Huge congrats to handler and owner Mark Anderson.


1 march 2019
Lovely day at CACIB Groningen.
Jolene, Dalida and Dusty made us proud again.
Jolene was minor Puppy BOB and went on to Minor Puppy BIS#2.
Dalida was 2nd in a nice junior class.
And Dusty did it again and was BOB. In the group the was placed 3rd behind the lovely deerhound and Italian Sighthound.

Breed judge Jan Coppens
Group judge Marijn van Iersel
MP BIS judge Maikel Koot

Pic by courtesy of Deke Bellinga whom we congratulate with her boy Herman's crowning CAC today!!

10 february 2019
Yet another fabulous day at the Dutch Whippet Championship Clubmatch.
Starting off with Jolene, who became Minor Puppy BOB.
Next up was Domino who became Best Puppy bitch but beaten for Puppy BOB by Romeo (CA Route Sixtysix) handled by Priscilla and Melissa van Oosten.
Bibi was 4th in a large junior class and Dalida 3nd.
Dunya (CA Pantyhose) surprised us with a fabulous run ending in 2nd place in open class.
In Breeders class beautiful Josje (CA Cuveė Cristal) took a nice 3rd place and the class was won by our Piaff.
And last but not least... Dusty... she came through again and won Champion Class, and finally became BOB to retain her Clubwinner title won in 2018.
It was great to see so many CA's and progeny in and around the ring.
A huge thank you to judge, Mr. Olaf Knauber (ger) for all his lovely comments and critiques on our dogs!!
Pics by Nicole Stephan.


3 february 2019
Oops, she did it again!!!

BEST IN SHOW CACIB EINDHOVEN: Crème Anglaise's Eat My Dust.
So proud of this special little lady...
A huge big fat great thank you to BIS judge Mr Schogol from Georgia!!!
Pics by courtesy of Ron Baltus.


1 february 2019

Dusty did it again...Creme Anglaise's Eat My Dust, BOB & Best In Group!!!!
but that's not all....
At her first show, Jolene ...Creme Anglaise's La Fayette took BEST BABY IN SHOW (Friday).
Jolene is co owned with Ineke de Vos-Brugman.
But that's not all...
Bibi, Creme Anglaise's Burqa & Brains took 1st spot in Junior bitches and with this junior CAC, she is now a new Dutch Junior Champion !!
Bibi is co owned with Freek Nierop Anita De Boer.

A big thanks to breed judge Mr Schogol from Georgia, group 10 judge Mr Jan Coppens from Holland and BABY BIS judge Mrs Scheel from Denmark!!!

Pics by Kynoweb, Jacqueline Wagener and Ron Baltus.

2 january 2019
Look what the postman brought on his first round of 2019!!!